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We have experience and competency in Complex projects, which allows us to enter operations/projects at various stages and make a major impact into delivering the operations goals. Or success comes from technical competency, discipline and leadership skills required to enable teams, utilise their strengths, provide a platform for the OEM's to focus on setting up the line whilst driving the management strategy.

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We have been re-building production lines that have had their entire footprint upto 1m completely submerged in contaminated flood water. The process may have been a touch easier if we were just dealing with water, but the silt deposit amongst critical components increased the complexity drasticly.
With our client's full order book, complex technical decisions between replace OEM, replace local, re-manufacture, re-use or modify, had to be made.  Taking into account lead time and delivering a machine that is safe, reliable and capable of delivering a quality product.
Components successfully managed : 
• Over 150 motors repaired or replaced 
• All mechanical bearings, shafts, pulleys, conveyors, chains, sprocketts, tensioners, belts, rollers replaced or repaired in excess of 6000 components
• Re-build costs in excess of R70 million managed
• Direct support and tracking of transformers, drives, instruments and cabling
• Commissioning of lines

With machine guidance from OEM's from Germany, Sweden, Ireland and America, we have successfully started up 2 lines producing targets within 7 days.

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